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OH MY GOD THIS BLEW MY FUCKING MIND IN THE YEAR 2017!!!! Thank yoU! I remember my childhood. I used to make stickdeaths. But you sir, you are a genrius! a genius. I didn't see it coming. Master of suspense. like holy shit. everything about this was great! Thank you! AH the nosĀ“talgia! I can't take it!

Aaaah hahawww. I have it paued on "Made by Extellus" and you know this is gonna be cute as hell cause of how fuzzy the letters are. I haven't seen this but I intend to. Until then, 5/5!

Extellus responds:

Haha I hope you liked it =)

Well, since there's a pico on the ratings, I'll just have to go vote a five. Also, great fucking movie, heh heh!

Lol, did not see that coming! x)
Like for:
-Scorpion is fucking awesome
-TMNT is fucking awesome
-MKX is getting released in a few days!

Haha, this reminds me of the good old golden days of flash animation! Stick gore. Fuck yeah. Well done. Keep the tradition alive.

m103904 responds:

i do miss the old stuff its a shame we don't have more of the old content makers on here.

This is so Amiga 500! Reminds me a lot of my childhood, playing Amiga games :D

Should've had a part where the guy for absolutely no reason gives him a quest if he expects him to be helped to find ketchup.

Nice and all. But I mainly wrote a comment to say this. Ending = RIP OFF!!! Anyone ever seen Wolf's Rain? The ending is the silhuette of a wolf running to the left for the duration of the credits. Obvious rip off, but I mean... it's not all bad. Hollywood rips off things all the time. Quentin Tarantino, one of the most brilliant scriptwriters ever takes inspiration from all sorts of things, paying homage to stuff he loves, so why shouldn't anyone else be allowed to take a bit of inspiration? This was cute.

A cool idea.

I've been thinking about animating my dreams for years but I never really got to it. Gotta love hearing about other people's dreams though. I had a super awesome dream tonight about werewolves crawling around on a bridge where people couldn't see them, and they signaled for me to go up there. And they bit me, and I was like YAY, I'm a werewolf now.

D'aww Lizard!

Reminds me of the cute lizard I saw yesterday in the crappy movie I am number 4. I love lizards! This was cute. Way to go.


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