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BARD BARD BARD BARD BARD! I love bard music!

Oww my ears! What have you done to them?

asddaw responds:

maybe u cant handle hardstyle :D

I have a question mr Ocular sir. Are you the best composer on the site? Cause rarely have I seen any other jackass around Newgrounds portal compose such quality in such quantity. So much poor taste music on Newgrounds, but yours is like Bethoven in electronic format.

So let me get this straight... total fucking shit music makes it into the top of all time music on newgrounds, and this marvelous perfected song doesn't? Fuck Newgrounds. The taste of newgrounders have absolutely no credebility. It's like creationism, except in terms of musical taste.

OcularNebula responds:

Thank you for the acknowledgement! However, this track does have pretty poor mastering :/ , even though the melodic ideas and such behind it are pretty cool, imo

Hey, you got a bit of melody to your composition yourself. It's guys like you and me that should be at the top of this shitty site if people had any taste. Although there's probably hundreds of us that get neglected because of these Justin Biebers running around. So maybe if people had taste, it'd still be tight competition on the site.

It's funny, I started out listening to your recent hip-hop song and I thought "Wait a minute, this sounds more like dubstep to me.", so I checked out your other stuff and saw that you were into dubstep as well.
Me, being a fanatic film music fan I mostly enjoy the type of orchestral music you hear in movies, especially warrior stuff going on like Conan, Gladiator, Robocop, Starship Troopers, but as long as there's a creative enough melodies and great chords to go along with it, I'll probably like it no matter what the genre. Dubstep I've find not only sounds severely badass but some of it has great melody as well. I think you've taken on not only the dubstep but also creatively looking for melody in all that glorious chaos. Am I right?

gray1 responds:

haha yeah that would be right

Excuse me for being curious, but what program are you composing this kind of chipmusic in? If it's Reason or Cubase or something similar, where do you get the retro sound samples that so authentic to the old classical NES/Amiga/Commodore type music styles?

bryce responds:

I use FL Studio. Pretty much every sound is coming from presets I make from scratch using Wasp XT. It's quite a simple synth and lets me modulate the pulse width of a square, plus it has other neat stuff I use to make sounds reminiscent of amiga/c64/dos/pc chip music.

Should I say sieg heil? xD

Aww don't feel shitty!

Don't feel bad. :(
I give you cookies if you feel better?


I think I just shat myself... bubble bobble anyone?

bryce responds:



Why is this the only type of music on newgrounds? It doesn't have a flavor, it doesn't have a melody, doesn't have chords. How the hell does the songs that sound like this make it up into the top ranked songs of all time? I just don't get it.

LightNightD responds:

Hey, I assume you are not trolling...
But the song ive made is more about the rythm and everything, and I know that the melody part and everything needs more work, I'm not a pro! And, you know, if its not your type/style of music, just leave it next time, please...people are different, even in styles, so just search for ur own style and don''t give all the music you don't like a 0/1, k? Thanks in advance. ;D


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